A Review of Digital Signage Hardware

LCD advertising displayThe idea of digital signage is to communicate messages across a broad spectrum of people, though specifically to a target audience. Organizations, such as businesses, medical facilities, retail outlets and sporting venues have benefited from this form of broadcasting.

Corporate communications provide a professional image to their customers and employees, whilst entertainment organizations promote future events and fixtures, all whilst including the all important advertisement for additional revenue. This is where digital signage differs from the traditional posters and hoardings. It is a flexible media to work with, as dynamic content plays a huge part of the advertising campaign.

Other considering factors are:
• Various mounting fixtures to suit the location; floor standing, wall mounted or ceiling hung brackets
• Interactive or non-touch screens
• Networked or stand alone options
• Indoor or outdoor screens and media players – there is an important difference!

mnm signThe environment will dictate which digital screen is best suited to the needs of the location, however there is are few limitations. Addressing the communication requirements for a promotion can be solved by these innovative digital signage screens as they appeal to the many demographics of society.

The format of the content is up to the promoter and whether it is created in-house or an external professional produces a masterpiece of an advertisement, depends on the budget and capabilities. There are many internet businesses or indeed software to create professional content.

So, of the other options to consider, where is the screen going to go? Possibly in a waiting room, which could be wall mounted or by way of a ceiling bracket; outside a hotel lobby, which is open to the elements, so a specific outdoor digital signage screen could be floor mounted in a concrete base, which eliminates the risks of theft and because of the secure housing unit it is encased in, the potential threat of vandalism, or accessing the working parts is dramatically reduced. As a screen is specifically purchased for outside, the weather is a considerable factor. Options include a thermostatically controlled heating or cooling fan – depending upon which US state the location is.

Also, does your requirement call for interactive or non-touch screens? Depending on the product or merchandise you are promoting will depend on the suitability of the screen. Empowering the customer by giving them the facility to search, as on the internet, via a swish screen gives credibility to the campaign – who isn’t tempted to play with a touch screen, which adds weight to the advertisement.

Some of these solutions can cost less than a thousand dollars, some cost considerably more, the one we looked at was from www.lcdtvenclosure.com who supply education, religious and corporate organizations with digital advertising solutions.

Office Furniture

Ease Back Pain by Switching to a Kneeling Chair

A kneeling chair may be interesting to look at, but it serves a greater purpose than aesthetics: such a chair is a great choice if you’re looking to improve your posture and ease lower back strain. Neck and beck pain are common ailments for those of us who work at a desk for hours at a time each day, and making the switch from a traditional desk chair to a kneeling ergonomic chair may provide some much-needed relief.

Kneeling posture chairs first hit the mainstream in 1979, when a man named Hans Christian Mengshoel developed and patented the chair as a sitting device for kneeling postures. Since then, these chairs have gained popularity, both for their unique design, and for their ability to reduce lower back pain and strain by distributing the burden of weight between the knees and the buttocks, rather than just one or the other.

Kneeling Chairs and Back Pain

This chair is a great investment if you suffer from frequent lower back pain, or tailbone pain. This type of chair will enable you to continue to sit at your desk and work productively, without the pressure and pain that standard chairs can cause. The open body angle created by this type of chair results in keeping the spine in proper alignment, lowering the angle of the lower body, and reducing the pressure and weight placed on the back. It should be noted that there is a misconception regarding these chairs and users with knee problems. A proper chair will not put any undue pressure or strain on the knees, so even if you do suffer from knee problems, you should be able to use this type of chair comfortably.

These chairs promote good posture, and they do so by lowering the body’s angle without sacrificing posture or putting any excess strain on any particular area of the body. With a decent kneeling chair, you’ll find that your lower back muscles will be both supported and strengthened, which in the long run can definitely help to decrease lower back strain and pain.  Check out reviews at http://kneelingofficechairs.com/


Office Furniture

Yoga Ball Chairs for the Office: Improving Health Inside The Work Environment

Balance Ball ChairThe years of the “traditional” office work space are slowly coming to an end as a variety of new and beneficial yoga ball chairs (learn more) are making their way into businesses everywhere. Even the government has reviewed their validity as office chairs (see more). A new age is approaching where people are starting to take more of an interest in their mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. A majority of these individuals spend 9 to 5 cornered in small, tight office spaces. With a heightened emphasis on living healthy, more and more professionals are trying to incorporate their outside healthy life styles into their work spaces. Many individuals are replacing those items around them that could potentially impede their progress in becoming fit, and one of the easiest items to replace in a work environment is the office chair.

Conventional office chairs are usually hard, wooden and very uncomfortable. Although sturdy and dependable, they contribute very little to the relaxation or physical well-being of the worker. The modern day line of yoga ball chairs are bringing an end to these complaints. Today, these chairs are designed by health and fitness experts with several key elements in mind: support and alleviation of pain. The overall design of yoga ball chairs is aimed at mitigating the aches and pains that accompany working behind a desk for hours on end. However, another important fundamental of this type of chair is that it promotes “good posture.” Carrying a proper posture is crucial in maintaining a strong, healthy spine. And although the yoga ball chair does not really offer much lower back support, it encourages users to develop a sitting position that strengthens the lower spine, which enhances the body’s overall core.

While there is some maintenance required with a yoga ball chair, the same could be said of the “traditional” office chair. Employees may have to occasionally re-inflate their ball chairs; especially in the beginning as they are becoming accustomed to it. Each person needs to adjust the chair so that it works properly for their unique body style. Another key point to keep in mind is that not all yoga ball chairs are designed for all users. Potential buyers should research the yoga ball chair they are interested in before they purchase it to make sure it will support their height and weight. This is very important in order to get the best use of the chair.  Visit informational furniture sites that can provide you with the information you need to make a good selection.

Incorporating physical fitness into the average office space is sometimes a challenge. However, small steps, such as the addition of a yoga ball chair, can greatly contribute to the mental, spiritual and physical well-being of employees. While it may not be an item that every worker is open to, it provides a great opportunity for those who are searching for something to improve their everyday office experience. With a little time and research, purchasing the proper yoga ball chair can help open the doors to improving the over all health of individuals in their work environments.


Beat Depression with a Gratitude Journal App

gratitude can fix depressionWhat is the key to being happy?

If you ask most people around the world what one thing they want most, the answer is almost always certainly the same: happiness. This is a desire for many yet none so elusive that many have lost the real meaning of being happy. The fact of the matter is that life is full of challenges and battles that sometimes we lose and win. All these can be a real happiness taker which means that you have to find a way of being happy beyond the prevailing circumstances. one of the most effective ways to stay happy is to be grateful of everything you have and where you are. There are thousands of things we can be grateful for despite the ups and downs of life. There is one application that has gone a long way to make sure that you remain grateful keeping up your spirits all day long. This journal app has taken the world by storm leading to some very healthy lifestyles. It has also been proven that stress and sadness is one way of conjuring up deadly diseases like cancer.

Gratitude Journal Apps

You can now beat depression with a gratitude journal app. This is an application that works similar to a diary that gives you a lot be grateful for through your life. Most inspiration books including Sanaya Roman’s Living with Joy: Keys to Personal Power and Spiritual Transformation, depicts gratefulness as one of the main keys to a healthy and fulfilling life. The apps journal also helps one heighten the levels of interest, purpose, positivity, vigor, progress and happiness. The app works by allowing you to make entries of things that you need to be grateful for as the day goes by making it one of the simplest to use. It allows you to have a quiet moment at the end of the day to go through the things you have taken down and reflect on what good things life brings your way. The applications also allows you to take photos of the things you are grateful for, share moments with the people you are grateful for and letting them what they mean to you. It is true that we complain most of the time without remembering that all we need is right within our grasp. Being too occupied to see it has been amicably dealt with the journal apps making it possible to relieve moments and people that mean the most in our lives.